Shortly after I moved from Germany to Australia in July 2012 I started creating mandalas out of natural materials after going for walks through the beautiful Australian nature. It helped me to connect with the land, to ground myself, to become aware of the subtle changes in the seasons and to embrace the beautiful energy of mother earth. I also came across Kathy Klein’s work, which mesmerized me and has been a great inspiration since. I also love meditating with the flower mandalas and sometimes I use them for my healing sessions. The energy created with natural materials and arranged in sacred geometry is simply beautiful and powerful at the same time.

My Dream

My dream is to create Land Art throughout the world with different communities and to publish a book with a world wide collection of Land Art highlighting the beauty of mother earth while teaching people about the importance of sustainability and how to create art with objects found in their natural environment. My inclusive dream project illuminates that everyone, no matter what age, background or ability, can take part and explore art and our precious environment simultaneously. If you are interested in learning more about how to create Land Art with your community group, school or day care center feel free to contact me. It would mean the world to me if you are happy to contribute to my dream book LAND ART FROM AROUND THE WORLD! You are also welcome to download the brochure about my Land Art program for schools to get a more detailed picture of my work.