Janie Petersen

One day Janie promised herself only to do what she loves doing and ever since she finds herself more and more pinching her arm and having a big smile on her face saying “This is my work and I love it and I get paid for it!” while she organizes another art project, signs up for a new commissions or runs a workshops to hold space for others to be creative.

“This is my work and I love it!”

Art has always played an important role in Janie’s life. It was her way of exploring her spiritual self, embracing her self-expression, celebrating the moment, meditating throughout her creative process, connect to other like-minded people, visit many museums and galleries and eventually to share a great deal of her wisdom, skills and passion with the world around her.

Janie is very grateful for the path she is on and the many opportunities that she has taken in the past. She truly thrives in her creativity and is eager to continue her growth. When you feel the call to connect to Janie be ready for something wonderful to happen.

Artist, life coach, photographer Janie Petersen

Find out more about Janie Petersen and her journey of becoming an artist and why she loves inspiring other people to tap into their creativity.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on”  Albert Einstein